About us

Bogmar Traper Sp. z o.o. with its registered office in Warsaw is a Polish family business involved with fish processing since 1990. Production is conducted according to the quality standards governing in the European Union. It has a veterinary identification number authorising for sale and export: Pl 14651801WE

Under veterinary number: 14312709, we also have fish ponds from which fish are caught daily and transferred to production.


FRESH FISH: gutted fish and fillets from out ponds, prepared the same day they are caught: trout, carp, sturgeon, catfish.

We also process fish delivered from Polish lakes and certified farms.

SMOKED FISH – traditional, with no preservatives and flavours.

We use fresh fish from our farm.

Fish are smoked based on traditional recipes.

We use only salt and smoke from ecological wood chips for smoking.


We import and pack frozen fish and sea food.

We have a modern production line for vacuum and modified atmosphere packing in MAP and SKIN technologies.